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Climatrol Comfort Solutions is the premier provider of residential HVAC service in Calgary & surrounding area.


No matter what kind of equipment you have we have the expertise to service it correctly.



Getting a new furnace installed or air conditioning system up and running correctly requires years of experience and training to do the job right. Trust Climatrol to make sure everything is configured to run at peak efficiency and provide comfort you can count on.


24/7 Emergency Service


To keep your environment reliably comfortable, your heating and cooling equipment needs periodic inspection to prevent issues that could cause breakdowns. Our residential HVAC service is convenient, thorough and hassle-free, and gives you the peace of mind that comes with knowing everything is operating at peak efficiency.



When you’re renovating an existing space, the heating, cooling and ventilation needs to be redesigned to meet the new design, layout and building materials used in the new space.  Climatrol's HVAC design expertise is unrivalled in the Calgary area, and we’ll help you select the correct type and size equipment for the needs of the homeowner.


See what CLIMATROL Comfort Solutions can do for your home or business now!